Automatic Online Hot Billet Shearing Machine

Technical Specification :
Billet Temperature 800oC
Usage Applied for shearing of 100 sq. to 130 sq. billet.
Advantages Reduce flame cutting losses
Labor Intensity Reduced
Oxygen and Fuel Gas Consumption No
Steel Grade Carbon Steel
Hydraulic Cutting Force 200 ton = 2000 kN
Hydraulic Cylinder Specification 320 mm bore x 150 mm stroke
Hydraulic System Pressure 250 bar = 250 kgf / cm2
Hydraulic Pump Flow 160 ml / R.
Pressure 31.5 M Pa
Hydraulic Motor Power 30 kW
Water Cooled Column Guide Rod 110 mm x 4 nos
Blade Length 200 mm
Shearing Speed 5 cuts per minute.
Control Electrical
Wheel 200 mm x 4 nos